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Band members​​

Amy Poux, ​Songwriter, lead vocals, keyboard.

Trained as a contemporary jazz vocalist with Marie Trafficante, Amy mostly avoided singing in public except when in cars, or when she'd hear a Laura Nyro song... ​​but a few years ago something changed and these songs took up some personal real-estate. Living with Elephants was born and she's been writing ever since.  Poux sand lead and back up vocals on Academy Award winner Dean Jones', Nappers Delight, and on the High Meadow Songs, compilation. She has performed solo and done back-up vocals for bands including Barbara Dempsey & Company band, Dean Jones, among others.


Living with Elephants has performed at The Falcon, The Rosendale Cafe, Market Market Cafe, BSP Kingston, at the Rosendale Street Festival, among other Ulster County venues.​​



Rob Norris, Electric bass.​

Over the years Rob has shared the stage with Donovan, Damo Suzuki (Can), The B-52's, Garth Hudson, Steve Holley (Wings) and Moby--as well as members of R.E.M., The Feelies, Throbbing Gristle, Television, Osibisa and The Velvet Underground. He plays bass for The Bongos, Blue Paradox (the house dance band for the Sacred Fire Community), East Of Venus, The Wizards, Richard Barone & Friends, Tulula!, OmU (who twice toured in Cuba), Bibi Farber, Jim Metzner and Joan Henry. He has played in hundreds of venues from San Francisco to New York to London to Berlin and appears on dozens of recordings.

Rob's solo CD "Morning Becomes Electric" is available at all online digital outlets.


We also have Chris, Jerusha and Marianne and we still have hope that someday they'll give us their bios to list right here for all to see...